Inverse Universe - Released!

FireRabbit Inc. is proud to announce our latest official mobile game release: Inverse Universe! 

It will take a few days to publish on Android, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and iTunes, but it will be ready for the Holidays.  We are extremely appreciative and thankful for all the help and support you have shown us.  We will be publishing links to all of the mobile markets once the game is approved, but for now please enjoy this introductory video to Inverse Universe:

Game Description:

Escaped rooms before?  How about two universes collapsing together?  The goal of Inverse Universe Escape is to escape multiple rooms by discovering clues, solving puzzles, and finding and using objects found throughout the two universes. Your motivation is to prevent these two universes from collapsing together completely and destroying everything within them.  Though unsolvable in their own universes, many puzzles can be solved by bringing objects in one universe to the other and seeing what the inverse effects are on the other side.

This is a fun, moderately challenging game for new and experienced room escape game players alike. If you get stuck, a step-by-step walk through (with hints) will push you in the right direction. A map is provided with convenient shortcuts that expedite you through the wide and vast play area. Video flythrough will introduce you to new rooms; check out the YouTube video for a preview of the world.

This game is soon to be available in English and French which will load automatically in the language of your device.

The game will auto-save your every move so you can always undo a step or take a break. Please do not spoil the fun for others by posting puzzle solutions in the comments.

Built with Corona SDK