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Build a fire engine (fire truck / fire apparatus). Paint the firetruck with bright red colors, install the loud sirens, repair the main turntable ladder, upgrade the pump, rescue a cat, and race the truck in a wildfire emergency mission. In this simulator, we teach mechanics/firefighters of all...


** Emergency! Hurry! - Local wildfire operations require the truck; race to the site!

** Order Engine/Motor - Order part number 7777. This rescue engine needs big power.

** Paint the Truck - This truck needs a coat of FireRabbit-red paint.

** Find Firefighter Helmet - The Fire Chief left it in his car in the parking lot.

** Install Light Bar - Install the visual warning system (light bar).

** Find Firefighting Boots - Find firefighting boots strong enough for most hazardous materials.

** Test Fire Alarm - Fire Departments require that all fire alarms be tested.

** Install Sirens - Secure the sirens on the front fenders.

** Install Engine/Motor - Secure the motor in the engine bay.

** Climb Training Tower - Go up the training tower to very top.

** Fireman's Pole - Go 'weehee' down the fireman's pole.

** Secure Auxiliary Ladders - Secure the driver side ladders.

** Find Sirens - Locate one electronic siren and order the other.

** Install New Windshield - Replace the current one; it was damaged during wildfire operations.

** Find New Windshield - Locate a new windshield for the fire engine.

** Register Fire Apparatus - Order part number 8800 to register the fire engine.

** Find Axe - Locate a firefighting axe.

** Find Main Fire Hose - Locate the main, high-pressure hose.

** Find Three Switches - Find the switches for the aerial apparatus pump system.

** Find Parking Lot - Find the Fire Chief's Car.

** Install Battery - Secure the battery in the engine bay.

** Find Motor Oil - Find oil designed for search and rescue operations.

** Find Rear Tires - Locate two rear tires for this fire appliance.

** Find Funnel - The Chief said he saw it on the training equipment.

** Equip Firefighting Supplies - The pike poles are already loaded, you must load the rest.

** Lubricate Hydraulic Extenders - Add oil to the turntable ladder (yellow) extenders.

** Find Stabilizer Legs - Locate the stabilizer legs for the telescopic ladder.

** Find Signals Box - Find the switch box to control the light bar.

** Find Light Bar - Look for the red and white light bar.

** Solve Fuse Puzzle - The station Captain needs you to fix the fuses; he left a mess.

** Find CB Radio - Location the two-way CB radio.

** Add Oxygen Tanks - Place the breathing apparatus oxygen tanks in the truck.

** Find Transmission - Locate the main-axle transmission for the truck.

** Unlock Main Cabin - Enter the truck's forward cabin to unlock it.

** Order Safety Goggles - Get safety goggles by ordering part number 2112.

** Find Music - Locate good tunes for this fire engine.

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